Looking for a multi-use leash that is both off-road and ultra-stylish ? Choose our 3-positions braided paracord leash : adjustable to 3 different lengths thanks to its two snap hooks and multiple rings, it’s the essential accessory for all your walks.


— « Lunge » position

Ideal for outdoor walks while keeping control, the 3-positions leash transforms into a long lunge with handle.


— « Shoulder strap » position

To keep your hands free when walking your dog, the 3-positions leash can be worn around the chest for optimal comfort and great freedom of movement.


— « City » position

Our ingenious system gives you the convenience of a standard leash, with a comfortable handle.


Paracord is a very resistant to breaking material, while being extremely light and easy to clean. The golden brown Hazel color is a timeless shade, lovely to wear !


Handcrafted in France, this 2.45m long leash will meet your needs in all circumstances !


We offer 2 sizes of carabiners to choose from :

— Small 4cm carabiner, recommended for small dogs up to 5kg (the design of the leash will be slightly different).

— Large 7cm carabiner, recommended for dogs over 6kg.


  • Total length : 245cm

    « Lunge » position length : 215cm

    « Shoulder strap » position length : 175cm

    « City » position length : 125cm


    Handle width : 3cm


    If you wish a custom-made leash, longer or shorter, don’t hesitate to contact us directly by mail to obtain a quote.