Looking for a short leash that is both off-road and ultra stylish ? Dare the mix between a braided paracord, strong and easy to clean, and the elegance of silver metal buckles. The golden brown Hazel color is a timeless shade, lovely to wear !


Paracord is a very resistant to breaking material, while being extremely light.


The braiding of the handle provides a soft and comfortable contact to the hand.


Handcrafted in France, this 60cm short leash is ideal downtown when you want to keep your dog close to you. Safe and handy, no need to wrap your usual leash several times around your wrist anymore !


We offer 2 sizes of carabiners to choose from :

— Small 4cm carabiner, recommended for small dogs up to 5kg (the design of the leash will be slightly different).

— Large 7cm carabiner, recommended for dogs over 6kg.


  • Leash length : 60cm

    Handle width : 3cm


    If you wish a custom-made leash, longer or shorter, don’t hesitate to contact us directly by mail to obtain a quote.